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Want to get a fistful of Linux Distros on a single USB stick? My daughter is selling such Multiboot flash drives on eBay with up to 34 Linux Distros starting at $16.99. Best of all she has elected to include Peach OSI on every flash drive sold!

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9 out 10 super computers in the world run on Linux

 It is increasingly obvious that with the size, cost, and complexity of IT increasing seemingly exponentially, ultimately something has to give and professional pride should not get in the way of quality in the computer systems that we support for our children.

Peach OSI "Netbook" is now ready for download.

 We have designed "Netbook" on an Asus Netbook computer especially for Netbooks. You will be pleasantly surprised by "Netbook's" speed and functionality. We have included features like an auto-hiding taskbar and dock which allows your smaller screen appliance all of the available screen space for running applications. The on screen icons for the taskbar and dock have been enlarged for easier viewing and selection on small screens. Special wallpapers have been installed to give your desktop a larger and more pleasant appearance.