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Coming Soon : Peach OSI Barebones

By popular demand - we are currently working on a Barebones version of Peach OSI. This version will have the same Xfce Desktop environment but without the added bulk of all of the installed software in the full version of Peach OSI. This Barebones version is for those of Linux aficionados who would prefer to install your own software. The target date for the release of this version is 11/01/2014. Check back often to see updates concerning this proposed version. Feel free to give us suggestions below as we move toward the completion of this project.

Update: Peach OSI & 14.04.1L.36 Released

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Peach OSI and 14.04.1L.36 are ready for download, released on Oct. 1st, 2014.

Peach OSI Long-Term Support

Peach OSI and 14.04.01L.36 is the third Long Term Support versions of Peach OSI as part of Peach OSI's 14.04's 5 year support cycle.

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