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To upgrade to 16.04 or not to upgrade to 16.04

Well it's that time again. The "LTS" versions of Ubuntu go through their two year cycling and 16.04 is upon us. The hard fact is that upgrading your Peach OSI 14.04 distro to 16.04 is not ready from Ubuntu as of yet - so therefore- neither is our 16.04 version ready. The reasons are as multi-folded as the changes to be implemented in 16.04. Many of the applications that we all have used for years currently do not work at all on 16.04 or don't completely function as before.

Peach OSI's "Peach TV" is ready for immediate download

  We, here at Peach OSI have been talking about it for a while. There are so many good applications out there that take the Home Theater PC to new heights that we here at Peach OSI had an itchy trigger finger to take what we had already been using ourselves personally for over a year and make it suitable for Linux HTPC users on a broader scale. Then Microsoft 10 rolled out and we all found out that the "all knowing" developers at MS up and decided to not include Media Center in their new OS release. That left many Media Center users high and dry if they updated to Windows 10.

How to update any Peach distro to the latest Ubuntu accepted Linux Kernel

Setup Peach to boot to a newer or newly installed Linux Kernel.

This is a common issue in different flavors of Ubuntu and you can find plenty of information on the web about a distro of Ubuntu not automatically updating the grub boot menu. Below I will give you what I believe is the simple method to get Peach to boot to a newer Kernel but there are other methods. To look at a couple of those methods and a brief explanation as to why Peach OSI or any Ubuntu derivative does not automatically boot to a newer kernel - take a look at the following URLs.