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Dual Booting pre-installed Windows 8 or Windows 10 with UEFI and a Linux System

More and more disgruntled Windows 8.1 Metro users and Windows 10 users email us about dual booting a Linux operating system alongside their factory installed Windows® installation.  As a person who has designed systems for longer than most people have been alive, I can readily understand your frustration. When I’m designing a system there is always the issue of where to place a simple thing like the taskbar. That placement is important but not a game changer in most cases. I look at it as if it were a car being driven either on the left or right side of the car.

Peach OSI "Netbook" is now ready for download.

 We have designed "Netbook" on an Asus Netbook computer especially for Netbooks. You will be pleasantly surprised by "Netbook's" speed and functionality. We have included features like an auto-hiding taskbar and dock which allows your smaller screen appliance all of the available screen space for running applications. The on screen icons for the taskbar and dock have been enlarged for easier viewing and selection on small screens. Special wallpapers have been installed to give your desktop a larger and more pleasant appearance.