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Update: Peach OSI & 14.04.1L.36 Released

Please note: If you have trouble downloading from our downloads page you may need to refresh the page with your browser refresh button

Peach OSI and 14.04.1L.36 are ready for download, released on Oct. 1st, 2014.

Peach OSI Long-Term Support

Peach OSI and 14.04.01L.36 is the third Long Term Support versions of Peach OSI as part of Peach OSI's 14.04's 5 year support cycle.

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Updating Peach OSI

Want Gimp to look and feel more like Photoshop®©?

If you have a version of Peach OSI prior to the download update version of or 14.04.1L36 and you would like for the Gimp Image Editor application's GUI to look and feel more like Photoshop®© follow this simple and easy to use tutorial.

First download this file while booted into Peach OSI. .gimp_2_8_photoshop_tweaks.zip.

Then while inside Peach OSI..