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Update: Peach OSI Kid - Wallpaper Submissions Wanted

Peach OSI Kid is well underway

As promised, Peach OSI Kid is well underway and out of the preliminary planning stages. For those of you who would like to give some suggestions as to what applications are on this distro, please feel free to add your comments below this Blog article.

Would you like for your child's artwork to end up as a wallpaper on this release? Please submit any and all artwork by email no later than Oct.15th, 2014. Send all entries to: peachkid@peachosi.com. All entries will be posted on this site for registered users to vote on so get your kids busy drawing today! 12 drawings will be selected to be installed as wallpaper for Peach OSI Kid. All artwork must be delivered to us in a digital format and will not be returned. The larger the image - the better it will appear on the distro.

Peach OSI Kid is meant for use by kids age 5 thru 9, (Kindergarten thru K-4). Peach OSI kids is designed to be a safe environment for kids to learn and play on their computer. Loaded with a safe web browser and tons of interactive fun and learning games and tools to help the young mind adjust to the digital age in a long-term meaningful way.

Why does Microsoft Windows get slower day after day?

Even the latest version of Windows has a number of serious design flaws resulting in it becoming slower and slower as time goes on. You've probably heard more than once someone say "My computer is getting sluggish, I'm going to reinstall". Reinstalling Windows solves the problem... until the next time.

You may think this is just how all computers work: That they have very new technology, and they just are not really stable yet. Well, try Linux and you'll be surprised. Five years from now, your system will be just as fast and responsive as the day you installed it, not to mention that you won't have any viruses, adware, trojans, worms, etc., that would force you to reinstall anyway.

I have managed to convince many people to switch to Linux, while keeping Windows on their hard disk, because they needed to use some piece of software that Linux doesn't have (like Autocad), so they use both systems. Since the day they switched, most of them have reinstalled Windows about once in a year or two; but Linux didn't let them down, and is still running perfectly well and is still snappy today.

Linux lets you spend more time surfing, working, and playing and less time reinstalling over and over again.