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Linux drastically improves gaming on a MacBook

Note: Peach OSI is a derivative of Ubuntu

For a couple of years, Valve has been saying that, when properly optimized, games run faster on Linux than on Windows. Granted, the company hyped Linux — most notably, Ubuntu — for quite some time because its upcoming Steam Machine was set to use Linux as its operating system of choice, as Valve tried to forego Windows.

Regardless of Valve’s seemingly incessant Linux-based claims and pleas, the majority of the gaming world didn’t care very much, mainly because of Linux’s limited gaming library — it doesn’t matter if games run faster on Linux if there are no games on Linux. Now, though, a new experiment carried out by Michael Larabel of Phoronix has found that if you install Ubuntu 14.04 on a MacBook, the gaming performance of the computer drastically increases.

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