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Peach OSI 14.04.01 and 14.04.1L Early Release Announcement

Peach OSI 14.04.01 & 14.04.1L Release Announcement

Peach OSI 14.04.1 and 14.04.1L are now available for download on our Downloads Page.

You made need to refresh your browser in order to view the updated support pages. (Press Ctrl and F5 simultaneously.)

Peach OSI Long-Term Support

Peach OSI 14.04.1 and 14.04.01L is the second Long Term Support versions of Peach OSI as part of Peach OSI's 14.04's 5 year support cycle.

Updating Peach OSI

Peach OSI 14.04.1 and Peach OSI 14.04.1L

The new versions of Peach OSI are on schedule for their roll out date of Friday, August 15th. 2014

We are working on known bug fixes, improvements and updates to Peach OSI 14.04 - The updated versions will be known as Peach OSI 14.04.1. and Peach OSI 14.04.1L The scheduled release date is 08/15/2014. A list of some of the improvements are listed below.

Updating Peach OSI