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Live Session Password from Brainwerks

I'm trying to run the live cd so I can decide if I want to install Peach OSI. I get prompted for username and password. For username "user" seems to work, but what do I use for a password for a live session, first time ever ? I didn't come across anything in the documentation and the video for the live session doesn't show anything about having to sign in. Please help, I'd like to try Peach OSI.


  • The following was posted on November 25th.

    A minor bug when booting Peach OSI Barebones live has been found. Instead of booting live straight into Peach OSI Barebones - on some systems the Log In page appears. The simple solution is to enter "peachuser" (without the quotes and all lowercase letters and no spaces) in the user name field and then do not fill in the password field since there is no password. Hit your enter key or the "Log In" button and you should then go straight into Peach OSI Barebones. This bug only effects our Barebones versions 32bit and 64bit. This does not effect running Peach OSI Barebones when installing in a virtual machine nor does it effect the installation of Barebones to your hard drive. The issue only occurs when running Peach OSI Barebones live from a DVD or a USB stick. We're working to fix it...
  • What about the Peach Kids OS? Tried peachuser and user. (without quotes and lowercase no space)
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