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No shutdown from Tibor

Hi, I booted first the live system and liked what I have seen, however the OS would not shut down.
I figured that maybe it's a live system issue so I installed on the harddrive. The installation went real well, but the system would not shut down or restart. I have to do a hard shutdown by holding the power button down for several seconds.
My PC is Lenovo Thinkpad X60s Genuine Intel® CPU L2400 @ 1.66GHz × 2,Graphics: Intel® 945GM x86/MMX/SSE2, 2GB of memory.

Thank You


Follow-up on my previous comment.
Once I installed the updates no problem with shutdown or restart.


  • Hi Tibor - issue: System not shutting down.

    I see that doing the updates repaired whatever issue that Tibor had with Peach OSI not shutting down. More than likely if the updates fixed the problem then the issue was hardware specific to Tibor's Lenovo Laptop. The latest updates include a Linux Kernel update which address known issues with some hardware. Since I do not have access to every possible PC there is no way that I can verify this as the root of the issue. If you are having any issues with Peach OSI please leave those comments here whether it is like Tibor's issue or not. Remember, always check your downloaded ISO with the md5 hash file for verification that you received the correct, authentic and complete Peach OSI ISO.
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