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Wi-Fi Issues

Having trouble with your Wi-Fi?
If you can connect your PC to a wired Ethernet connection or if you have another
computer that you can gain web access go the following site:


Here is a list of some web pages that I've found to be useful while setting up some Wi-Fi cards.

Wi-Fi How to


Please note that before you can search the web or hope to correct your issue - you need to first determine what your Wi-Fi card is. To find out what Wi-Fi card is installed in your PC type
CTRL-Alt-T simultaneously to pull up the terminal screen. Then while Peach OSI and in terminal (again,Ctrl-ALT-T is an easy way to access the Terminal application) type "lspci -vvnn", without the quotes. This should give you a list of all the hardware on your PC. Scan up or down the list looking for any reference to an item of hardware named wireless, wanlo, Wi-Fi or any other term that could determine your Wi-Fi hardware. Once you find your Wi-Fi card, write down all the info pertaining to your Wi-Fi card. Then you can search the web for that particular card and any fixes that other users of that card have deployed in order to get your card working in Peach OSI. If all of this fails feel free to contact me at and I'll try to help you get your Wi-Fi going. I will still need to know the make and model of your PC and the name of the Wi-Fi card and its model number before I can help you.
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