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First...I LOVE this new OS!

First...I LOVE this new OS!

Patrick sent a message using the contact form at

First...I LOVE this new OS! Beautiful fast stable! I was using briefly Deepin 2014 and it has some very nice features I hope you can intertwine with future upgrades of this OS, however as it is Peach is awesome! Deepin was unstable if you make changes and install certain things. So Peach has won me over!

Love it!

In Deepin when you click the launcher and all of your apps pop out on the desktop is great but in Deepin it grayed out or foggy glass look out your desktop which made it great to see the apps. I see you have the launcher as well and it works great, I am one of those guys that likes to have icons on my desktop still, so when I click the launcher it is clear and I see all of my desktop icons as well and it makes it hard to see the apps. Can you fix this or create an option for transparency etc?

Also, I love the wallpapers but it does not let me choose any others except yours, so if I try to choose another wall paper from a another source it stays grayed out, any thoughts? I Love it and way to go for a first stable release!

I am a Huge Fan! it is my perm desktop OS! Thank You!!!! Patrick

Administrator: Hi and thank you for your comments, Patrick. First question, the backgrounds. There are several ways to change the backgrounds but the easiest way without using terminal is to first save your preferred images to your "Pictures" folder which is in your "username" folders. After you have the images that you want stored in your pictures folder, right click anywhere on the desktop and select the "Desktop Settings.." menu item. Once inside the desktop settings navigate the menus inside the application until you locate your "Pictures" folder. Select the folder and then your good to go.

Lastly, I will see what I can do to dim the desktop items when slingshot brings up the graphical menu but don't hold your breath. that won't be an easy one to change but I'll try... It already dims the background and entire desktop by a factor of 60%.

Thanks again.... glad you like the distro...
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