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system install and use

Dave Lay

system install and use

I had some initial trouble with install from a flash made with unetbootin. When I did an install the desktop wasn't the same as on the flash drive and I couldn't connect to wifi. After doing a system update to the flash drive I had no trouble with the install and wifi worked fine. I like this system much better than Unity lens and my wife likes it better. The only issue I have had since I started using it is in laptop sleep mode. When In open my HP Pavilion the password prompt is there, I type it in and get a blank screen. Once I shut down the computer, restart and log in everything is fine. I am very impressed with Peach so far and find it to be the first distro I have tried in the last six years that made me move from stock Ubuntu. I will try as a long term user to keep sharing my experiences to help others in any way I can. Keep up the great work, this system seems much better for the average user who just wants an easy user interface.

Administrator: Thank you for your comments. I can't really speak to your problems coming out of the sleep mode. I need to know if you were in sleep mode from the flash drive or your HDD. If you were on your hard drive then make sure that you created a Swap partition. Peach OSI sets up a partition automatically from the standard installation but some opt to partition the HDD in different ways... Glad that overall you like Peach OSI. To anyone else reading this ... Try creating your USB bootable drive with Yumi Multiboot. Peach OSI is one of Yumi Multiboot's approved Distros and appears on the list of OS's. You can google Yumi Multiboot to find and download it for free.
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