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Peach Netbook

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Peach Netbook

To be honest with you our netbook hasn't been all that useful except for taking with us on a trip just to have something along that could check email and maybe look for a restaurant along the way. Then we got smart phones and the darn thing just became a shelf ornament. It was painfully slow and - well - need I say more? I noticed the blurb on another PC that runs Peach about the release of Peach Netbook. I thought I would give it a try because I like Peach on my main computer. HOLLY CRAP!! My old netbook is now a fully functioning PC. I can't believe the difference over the Windows version that was pre-installed on it. I can't say that I'd ever trash my main PC for this netbook but I will say that it is truly worth having with me now. Thanks so much... Up to now I have not donated to the Peach projects. But a donation is on its way and it is well deserved. I have a 5 year old that as soon as Peach for Kids is available I plan to load up a dual boot on my main PC and show him how to use. Thanks again...

Administrator: You are most welcome. I had one of those folding door stops laying around too. I always knew that they really weren't bad computers. They were just simply waiting for something to properly make use of their limited resources. Most Netbooks are more powerful than a smart phone. They were just never designed to run the more resource hungry operating systems that they were relegated to work with. Peach OSI Netbook gives the netbook back what it was meant for. A compact, fully functional resource available when you are away from your main PC. Your comments made my day...


P.S. Thank you again for the donation....


  • From : Freddy ten Caat posted 3/4/17, 3:33 PM

    Great OS for an older netbook like my Acer Aspire One.
    I bought this netbook originaly with Linux Limpus OS. Later I installed Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04, and tried Xubuntu, Linux Mint Xfce. Only Peach OSI NB can match my experience with the Ubuntu Netbook Edition. Looks and feels great, but I still have to fiind out if its operating as smoothly and fast like the old Limpus or Ubuntu OS.

    From administrator: Site Owner posted 3/4/17, 4:00 PM

    Hi Freddy,
    Thanks for your comments.

    The Netbook version of Peach was indeed built on an old EEEPC Netbook that had a version of Windows 7 on it originally and i t w a s u s e l e s s. What my goal was - was to create a full flavored Linux OS that made the darn thing actually useful. Now what is useful to me might be worthless to you but that idea of usefulness was my intent. I tried several of the other Linux Netbook flavors and - to me - they all lacked in their ability to give me a device that had multiple uses on such a small platform. I wanted connectability with my Android tablet, my iPhone and with my network. I realize that I could have built this version on an I7 and believe me it would have been much faster and easier to do it that way. But if I had of done it that way then I could not have gotten a true feel for how my real Netbook was responding to these changes and additions that I was making. Things were removed, others added, some code was enhanced - others increased. I'm not going to sit here and say that Peach Netbook is the fastest Netbook OS that you will ever run but I do believe that after months of trial and error that I did manage to find a balance between speed, reliability and functionality. I look forward to seeing what you think of it after you've ran it for a while....

    One more thing - would you mind if I copied these correspondences over to the Forum? I think that other could benefit from our conversation.

    I will leave this ticket open until you have a chance to fully evaluate Peach Netbook. I've had a lot of compliments about it and it's been around in one form of the other for almost 3 years now. My favorite comment was from a fellow who said that with Peach Netbook he had been able to turn a fancy doorstop into a real usable machine. I still like that one...
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