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Very good work with Peach OSI

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Very good work with Peach OSI

I am mostly a devoted Linux Mint user, and I've tried many Linux distributions, preferring the ones which are more practical, user friendly and have good looks as well. I have to say that Peach OSI is very well design with user friendliness in mind, and is a very complete operating system as well. Peach OSI is unique in that you can reach your favorite programs from at least for ways possible (five if you install the excellent and handy Synapse). The 32-bit Netbook Edition runs very well on my Acer Netbook from 2009, much smoother than other light distros I've tried (Linux Mint Xfce, Peppermint OS, LXLE, SolydX). It also feels more like a complete system on the limited sized screen and hardware of a netbook. I also installed "The Works" edition at my work's PC on a portable HDD so I get the job done without glitches or delays. I can highly recommend this fine OS to intermediate users or new users who are just getting to know the benefits and qualities of Linux. This OS has everything you need to get to work or play right away. Sincerely, Ed.

P.S. A BIG thank you to the developer who works hard on the project, it shows! I will look to help contribute to keep this project going.

Administrator: Thank you for your comments Ed.. Never think that any comment goes unnoticed or unappreciated. It is people like you that make all the hard work worth while.
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