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Commendation for PeachOSi & request GPARTED & EVOLUTION

Gary H.

Commendation for PeachOsi & request GPARTED & EVOLUTION

I am a long time user of Linux, including many years with Ubuntu as my desktop of choice. I have continually looked for an alternative since the move to Unity, which to me added an unnecessary graphical load and lost a lot of great tools provided by Gnome. PeachOSI appears to have resolved many of my concerns, in providing a more efficient operating environment which is still attractive and intuitive. It brings together many useful tools from Gnome and other development groups. Including a comprehensive set of graphical tools to enable individuals to readily tailor the desktop and user inteface to their personal preference. Two programs I missed are GPARTED and EVOLUTION. Please, add GPARTED to "Barebones" & "The Works". While EVOLUTION probably only needs to be in "The Works" as a great eMail client. Other packages I recommend: InkScape ~ a vector graphic program akin to Corel Draw (it compliments Gimp's raster graphics). Libre Project ~ Project Management program akin to MS Project. Libre Plan ~ Project Management package using Web interface.

Administrator: Hi Gary. Thank you for the accolades and the suggestions. When developing Peach we took careful consideration of just what applications that we wanted preinstalled in each flavor. Careful consideration was made to try to keep each flavor of Peach as small of a download as possible while at the same time giving the respective user some of the most common tools that they might need or want to use directly "out of the box - so to speak". We also had to consider what proprietary ramifications any particular application might have. Any piece of software that required a user acceptance of any policy concerns could not be preinstalled for obvious reasons. But as with any Linux offering, there is always the ability to install whatever application that the user prefers to use. I trust that you can understand the reasoning as I've stated above. The applications that you have suggested are truly great ones and for many users they would be an immediate utility option if preinstalled.
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