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flashplayer support

hi every body im still a bit new , when i log into facebook i cant run flash games, does anyone know a fix im using 64bit 16.04


  • edited March 2017
    Hi Ratman

    Support for pepperflash seems to be waining in all Ubuntru derivatives so we'll all need to install Adobe flash. To install Adobe flash you'll need to follow these instructions to the letter.

    Open a terminal Type CTRL-ALT-T simultaneously to easily open a terminal

    Type in both of the following

    sudo apt-get update

    enter your password that you installed with - assigned during the installation process

    sudo apt-get adobe-flashplugin

    Reboot and try again

    The Adobe Flash plugin is supposed to be pre-installed in all versions of Peach so you may get a report in terminal that it is indeed already installed. If this is the case then you need to make sure that it is enabled in the browser.

    Also if using Firefox - Open Firefox
    Go to "Tools" in the upper left menu tabs
    Then add-ons manager
    Then Plugins

    On the left side of the screen you"ll see a search box.
    In the search box type in facebook flash
    Click on the magifying glass to search the available plugins

    In the search results locate "Flash Video Player for Facebook"
    On the right of the above add-on click to install
    Restart Firefox and try your game again in Facebook.

    You may have to try several of these add-ons before you hit the right combination with a particular Facebook game as they are not all created equal.

    I hope this helps and if it does please let us know... Really - Let us know either way...
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