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Installation hangs

I am trying to load PeachOSI 16.04 as a clean install on a hard drive.
I can install easily with no encryption but when I install with volume and user encrypted the installation stops partway through "Creating User".
This has happened with two different hard drives, using a USB and using a DVD.

The console shows

Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "overlay-scrollbar"


  • Hi,

    Support for encryption was not installed and has never been installed in any Peach distros.. The reason is that - especially in 16.04 - it can cause unwanted issues with the install process... Most notably, generally it requires more than one user to have encrypted files and creating multiple users is not specifically designed to work in the install process.

    Also, encryption of your home folder can easily be performed after the installation. It would be easier for you to encrypt your home folder and your swap file by following this tutorial..

    It is written for Ubuntu but except for a couple of changes - mainly how you access users and groups in Peach - you should have no trouble encrypting your home folder and your swap file. Be aware that this will require additional passwords and additional time when booting into Peach and will require you to install some software to Peach after completing a normal standard install.

    Also of note; The system files will not and should not be encrypted. Only the /home/ folder for a specific user and the swap file will be encrypted when that particular user is logged in.
  • Thanks for your help.

    Thanks for your help.
    I used this workaround -
    # Install with any user name, not encrypted.
    # Create new admin user with encrypted home folder.
    # Log in as new user and delete original user.

    It seems to work OK; am I likely to encounter problems?

  • No you should not have any other issues but if you do feel free to let me know.
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