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Deleting windows 10

Hello, had Peach and Windows 10 installed as a dual boot. I deleted windows partition with gparted. Then, my computer does not boot on Peach... it says it doesn't find an os. I tried fixing the problem with boot repair on a live usb, but it didn't work... does anyone has any idea? Thanks and keep up the good work!


  • Hi Mart,

    I'm going to point you in a direction. You have a few options. One is to completely reinstall Peach. The other options are in this web page...

    The options in that web page, I have not ever tried because I personally have never had this issue.

    Let me know if this works for you..

  • By the way - Peach Patriot 18.04 will be available in about a week. If you opt to do a complete reinstall I could make it available to you a little sooner..

  • Thanks Jim! I have tried a few things but still no luck. My linux knowledge is limited. I might end up just reinstalling the os. Patriot? You bet I am interested. Just let me know how to get it. Thanks again!
  • Ok Mart - We're putting the finishing touches on Patriot. Actually it is in the testing phase which usually takes a few days. We run our OSs on everything from Netbooks, ancient 1 core laptops and many desktops - all the way up to 16 core machines. We try to make it as failsafe as possible. You would not believe how many fixes we've had to make to the 18.04 core. I'll let you know via this format as soon as I have it uploaded.

  • Thank you. It is appreciated! I am in no hurry. I am very curious to try it out!
  • It's a killer Mart. You're in for a real treat.

  • edited March 2019
    Just a follow up - We are within 2 to 3 days of uploading Patriot. I'll let you know when it is ready...

    As I was testing Patriot this morning on several machines I had a thought that might help you. When you deleted the Windows partitions you removed the boot sector - which Linux Grub created whenever you install Peach so that put your computer into the non-bootable state that your in. I know you're saying - duh... But listen up. Peach has the ability to boot live. The good thing about the live boot feature from a USB drive is that you should be able to access your existing Peach installation from within the live boot. From the live session you should be able to save any important files that you have previously created. That's step number one but not the best part. Once you've save whatever files that you feel like that you want to save I want for you to try this. I want you to go ahead and start a reinstall of Peach. When you get to the partitioning session I want for you to select "Something Else". This will access the hard drive and show you the existing partitions. You should be able to see your existing Peach installation. In that partitioning menu there is a tab just below the listed partitions that reads something like "Build or Rebuild Partition Table". Click on that tab. Hopefully by rebuilding the table it'll make your existing Peach installation bootable but let's not chance it on this test. Instead - select a part of your partition that is empty with your mouse. It should read "unallocated". Now listen carefully. What I want for you to try to do is to install Peach a second time. In another words - I want you to install whatever version of Peach that you have twice. You will net not only to select a part of the hard drive that reads unallocated but after highlighting an unallocated portion click on the plus sign below (+) and give the partition something like 20GB for the new installation of Peach. Also in that open window make sure the new installation will format to EXT4 and at the bottom of the window open the last menu of options and select "/" as the mount point. Once completed - finish the new installation of Peach. I realized this morning that if you could first restore a bootable table on your hard drive - then install a second copy of Peach, Grub will see the original Peach installation and should build a menu for both Peach installations - your old one and your new one. If it does let me know. I'll show you how to remove the newly installed Peach OS and how to set the older installation to boot of Peach that you've been using.

  • Hi Mart,

    Patriot is uploaded and ready for you to give it a go. Be sure to also download the md5 and/or the SHA256 hashcheck files and after you finish the ISO download compare the hashckeck to those files. This could save you hours of grief if your internet downloads happen not to be accurate. Let me know what you think of Patriot....

    Internet Archive





    ISO Backup Download Site
  • Sorry Jim, I just saw your last 2 messages. Let me try what you suggest and tell you what happens. I'll try it over the weekend. Thank you again and I will give Patriot a try soon as well!
  • Hello Jim! Just to give you a quick update. I decided to forget about reinstalling grub... I was short on time and I just decided to go and install Patriot that I was eager to try. After a few attempts where it failed, I was able to install it. So far so good! I like it!! Thanks again for your help. Truly appreciated!
  • No problem Mart... Have a good day sir ... If I can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to ask

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