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Standard installation

Please Note: You should always Live Boot Peach OSI first to discover any compatibility issues with your particular computer before attempting any sort of permanent installation.

If you are looking to install Peach OSI on your personal desktop/laptop, or netbook this is probably what you are going for, and it has never been easier! The standard Peach OSI desktop installation uses a Graphical Install, which is meant to cruise you through the installation process in a very small number of easy steps. To get the installer up and running, you will need to do the following:

  • Obtain a Peach OSI installation LiveDVD or Dowload the Peach OSI - ISOs here. The LiveDVD is a fully functional Peach OSI environment, and it allows you to get a taste of Peach OSI on your machine by using a 'Live' session! If you downloaded a DVD image (.iso file), you can burn it to a standard DVD. Instructions for burning the ISO to DVD are provided on the bottom of the download page.

  • All that remains now is to install Peach OSI by booting from the installation DVD.

Installation without a DVD

The new generations of laptops and netbooks are increasingly shipping without DVD drives. To cater to this need, or if you do not wish to burn a DVD to install Peach OSI, you are not left to trudge in the dark - Peach OSI can be installed without using a DVD or DVD-ROM drive!

  • Quick Install from USB - A quick guide to installing from a USB memory stick. Intended for less technically-inclined readers.

  • Virtual Machine - Installing using a physical disk to a Virtual Machine.

LVM Installation Guides


Minimal installations

If you have an older computer or a computer with a small amount of memory, see the guides below for help on installing Peach OSI.


Other installation guides


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