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Peach has great speed due to XFCE, now for a FULL version?


Peach has great speed due to XFCE, now for a FULL version?

Peach OSI. as noted has great speed, even better looks & lots of features.

Which all is great for middle of the road computers. However there's those of of who has hundreds, of not thousands of dollars invested into hardware, many of who doesn't want to play with XFCE, but rather a Full version, like Ubuntu 14.04/Linux MInt 17 MATE/Cinnamon/KDE, as well as others.

Does Peach OSI intend on releasing a Full version package? Something that can make a 4 or 6 core i7 actually break a sweat? While there are many 'middle of the road' computers that can benefit from the XFCE package, and it's good to have that, there are others who wants a 'heavyweight' OS.

Nothing ticks me off more than seeing 0% CPU usage & less than 1GB out of 32GB total being used. Looks good for bragging rights, but many of us are not that, it would be great to have a non-XFCE edition released for those of us who has the Harley-Davidson equivalent of computers.


Administrator:: LOL... My dear, dear misguided computer enthusiast. It seems that you lack the knowledge to understand what the function of an operating system is. It is "not" the operating system's job to tickle your diodes and raise your temperatures. It is but the operating system's job to create a gateway between the hardware on your machine and its brain - the CPU. In order to do that properly it has to "know" what hardware you have and make all of that glorious memory and cores and whatever else that you decide to connect to the same and make it all available to you - the user. Not any operating system - from Yosemite to Sky OS - can by itself tax your hardware. I have many computers running everything from 1 core to 8 cores with memory as little as 512K all the way to 128GB so I know how you hunger for the open road. But even with the most powerful engine in that Harley of yours it's completely useless unless you know how and when to apply all that power. That word apply is key. From it we get the word applications. So if you want to feel the wind in your hair when you crank up your Harley I think that you'll definitely feel the vibration once you crank up with Peach. You've already said as much. But after booting up it is up to you to find that open road to your computing bliss. It's up to you to decide what that might entail. Perhaps a game, perhaps multitasking your way to a fine web based corporation. Or perhaps just sitting there typing out email to people like me trying to figure out what to do with that Harley you built. It's a big world out there. Where you go from here is up to you.
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